3D Portfolio

Filippo Veniero (ifilgood)

TLC Engineer, Freelance 3D Artist
All my works are 100% open source (Ubuntu, Blender,Yafaray,Luxrender, Gimp, Inkscape)
User of Blender for 6+ years. I've written tutorials for
3D Artist Magazine (issue 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 59), Blender Italia Magazine (issue 12, 14) and 3DTotal
Creazioni di render 3D, corsi di grafica 3D e lezioni private con software open source.
Pubblicazioni: Tutorial scritti per 3D Artist ( numeri 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 ), Blender Italia Magazine ( numero 12, numero 14 )
e 3DTotal
info: filippoven@libero.it Cell +39 328 723 1818

Pen (Blender + Gimp)

Pen (Blender + Gimp)

Rings 100% Blender

Engraved Glasses [Blender and Gimp] free model,texture and tutorial HERE and HERE part 2

Italian Coffee [Blender and Gimp] free model,texture and tutorial HERE

Fiat 500 [Blender and Gimp] free model,texture and tutorial HERE

Curtain render [Blender + Gimp] Hires image HERE

Curtain render, detail [Blender + Gimp]

Carnevale a Venezia (Blender + Gimp)

Candies, 100% OpenSource

Lollipops, 100% Blender and Gimp
tutorial available on 3DTotal website

Glass and pens 100%opensource

Lighter Blender + Gimp and Inkscape for texture and postproduction

Evil Doll [Blender and Gimp on Ubuntu OS]

Splash test Blender

Voronoi cell fracture test
Tutorial HERE

SL1210MKII 100% Blender

SL1210MKII 100% Blender

Balls Blender + Gimp

Balls Race Blender, rendered with SmallLuxGPU, postproduction Gimp

My Drugs Blender, postproduction Gimp

Airbrush Blender and Gimp

Experiment Blender and Gimp

Light Bulbs Blender and Gimp (Tutorial disponibile nel numero 12 di Blender Magazine Italia
liberamente scaricabile http://www.blendermagazineitalia.it/)

Mitsuba render test (Blender + Mitsuba + Gimp)

Per info e lezioni di grafica 3D filippoven@libero.it  Cell +39 328 723 1818
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